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Each connection is given a unique encapsulation ID
to create an ePipe that encapsulates all data and runs
across NISS’s upstream provider’s private backbone.

High performance

Access speeds from 512K to 10Gbps (and higher in some
locations), depending on Access technology and location.

Comprehensive reporting

Web-based reporting on availability, adherence to QoS profiles,
latency, jitter and packet loss.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Intelligently prioritise your traffic with 6 Classes of Service (CoS) available in 4 Quality of Service (QoS) packages:
1. Best Effort (BE) Only:
2. Business Data (BD) Only:
3. Simple QoS:
4. Flexible QoS:


Parameter Specifications
Configuration Multipoint (full mesh)
Transport Technology MPLS Core with various Access technologies
Access Networks Fibre400
Mid-Band Ethernet
Ethernet over SDH
Ethernet over Fibre
Third party Ethernet and Business DSL Accessl
Bandwidth 2Mbps-10Gbps
Bandwidth will depend on the Access speed
Quality of Service (QoS) 6 Classes of Service (CoS) available in 4
Quality of Service (QoS) packages:
1. Best Effort: all traffic is carried within the Best Effort CoS,
2. Business Data: all traffic is carried within the Assured Delivery CoS,
3. Simple: Access to all 6 CoS minus the complexity of defining traffic contracts for each,
4. Flexible: fully flexible customer defined traffic contract per CoS
QoS package is specified per site
Simple and flexible QoS packages require customers to mark traffic (802.1p or DSCP)
Multicast e-LAN services support Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast traffic. Broadcast traffic is throttled
at 256Kbps per site and Multicast traffic is throttled at 2Mbps per site. Customers requiring
greater control over their multicast traffic can choose the optional enhanced multicast capability
to have their e-LAN IP PIM enabled.
MAC Learning Limit The maximum number of unique MAC addresses per e-LAN is 250
Ethernet Frame Size (MTU)1 Fast Ethernet interfaces: 1531 bytes
Gigabit Ethernet interfaces: 8960 bytes
10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces: 8960 bytes
VLAN Transparency1 Customer VLANs are supported transparently2
Protocol Transparency1 Layer 2/3 protocols are supported transparently3
Site Requirements Rack space (1RU) and 240V AC 50Hz power to be provided by the Customer
Security Ethernet VLL ePipe based on RFC 4447 and RFC 4448
Reporting Access Availability
and Performance Reporting
Optional per site QoS reporting
MEF Certification MEF 1.0 (MEF 9 and 14) listed under NISS’s upstream service provider

1 Access network dependant

2 Where delivered via Ethernet Trunk Access the customer’s equipment must support VLAN stacking

3 Where delivered via Ethernet Trunk Access the customer must tunnel Layer 2 control protocols

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