LEAP Office v10 Software

Microsoft Office no longer compatible

MYOB no longer compatible

Microsoft Windows updates may cause issues

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Migrating to LEAP Cloud is essential

LEAP Office V10 software has been incredibly successful software and I’m sure you have heard about the need to upgrade to cloud-based LEAP

Microsoft Office no longer compatible

The third-party technology which integrates with LEAP Office V10 has surpassed the technology that LEAP Office V10 was originally written in and soon, it will no longer be compatible.


New computers today include a version of Microsoft Office 2016 already installed. In fact, subscribers of Microsoft Office 365 can now only install Microsoft Office 2016 desktop applications from the website. It is also expected that Microsoft Office 2019 will be released towards the tail end of this year.


Much of the technology and components used to drive the automation between Microsoft Outlook and Word in LEAP Office v10 is either no longer supported, or is in the process of being deprecated by Microsoft.


MYOB no longer compatible

Version 19.4 of the MYOB software, the only accounting software which integrates with LEAP Office V10, will be discontinued within the next year due to the ATO’s requirement for Single Touch Payroll reporting from July 2018. (MYOB have obtained an extension for clients using V19.4 until May 2019.)


Microsoft Windows updates may cause issues

LEAP has always worked to maintain backwards compatibility for as long as possible. Microsoft themselves however no longer test for backwards compatibility before releasing new versions. As Windows updates are released every day, and are for the most part installed automatically, new updates could conceivably halt the automation capability in LEAP Office V10, as it has done in the past.


LEAP  Cloud is the only option

The only avenue now open to us to rectify the above scenarios, should they eventuate, is a full product rewrite. This has already been done. Our cloud-based LEAP uses the latest technology and we continue to invest in it to ensure it is as sustainable as possible.


Technology, by it’s very nature, outdates quickly and the stage has now been reached where the LEAP Office V10 technology is old and, for the reasons stated above, is approaching end-of-life.


What now?


You are entitled to move directly to LEAP under your current arrangement with no additional charge for the software and content in LEAP.


With Cloud-based LEAP, hardware requirements and costs have never been lower. NISS, as a certifed LEAP partner,  are able and committed to supporting and assisting you through this transition.


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