Technical FAQ


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Blue Screen of Death

This will require hands on support.  You can have us come to your site or send us your computer.  We can arrange for courier pick-up and delivery.  Call on 02 8090 4357

Internet Not Working

If your internet is not working we may be able to remote troubleshoot and get it up and running or at least tell you where the problem lies.  In some case, an onsite visit may be required.  Call us on 02 8090 HELP  Option1 for technical support

Ask us about installing a modem with failover and to a second internet connection so you never go down.

Lots of Spam

There is no reason why SPAM should be an issue.  Ask us how to ensure that effective filtering is on your email system so that you don’t have a spam problem.

We can ensure SPAM is filtered before it gets to your computer or network.

Experience show us that 80-90% of all email to a server is unwanted mail or spam.  If you are running your own mail server that’s a lot of unwanted network traffic slowing up your business.

Call on 02 8090 HELP and ask to speak with Andrew about ending your SPAM problems.

Wifi not working

There are many reasons why yourWifi may not be working.  Your wireless access point may not be working, the configuration may have been lost, your computer’s wireless network card could be broken or off.

Call our help desk and we can troubleshoot this with you.

You may need one of our skilled onsite technicians to resolve the issue.

Call on 02 8090 HELP  option 1